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India's Renewable Energy Target
175 GW by 2022
Target Achieved
33.79 GW (as of December 2014)
Wind: 22,465.03 MW
Solar: 3062.82 MW
Biomass: 4273.13 MW
SHP: 3990.83 MW
(Source:, Investors' Guide RE-Invest 2015)



RE-PORT hosts 1000 MW wind monitored sites in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Total 664.70 MW of RE projects have already been hosted on RE-PORT.

New on RE-PORT:

- 100.00 MW Wind Power Project in Rajasthan, offered by Developer.

- 3.40 MW Resale Wind Power Project in Rajasthan.

- 8.40 MW Resale Wind Power Project in Tamil Nadu.

- 0.45 MW Resale Wind Power Project in Maharashtra.

- 12.5 MW Turnkey Wind Power Project offered in Gujarat.

- 73.5 MW Wind Power Project in Maharashtra, offered by Developer.


Prime Sites:

- 100 MW WPP site in Madhya Pradesh, on private land with onsite wind data; likely CUF above 22%; can be commissioned by March 2016.

- 100 MW WPP site in Maharashtra, on forest land with nearby NIWE (C-WET) wind mast data; likely CUF above 22%.

For more information, contact us on

Required: Buyer requires secondhand windmills and solar projects in Tamil Nadu.  Sellers are requested to contact on

Transaction News

New Wind Tariff Declared for

Gujarat Rs. 4.19 / Kwh,

RE-PORT hosts Wind Farm Sites in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

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RE-PORT hosts New Projects for Re-powering.

Sold: 0.25 MW Wind Power Project in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, sold through RE-PORT.

New Wind Tariff declared for

Tamil Nadu Rs. 4.16 / Kwh

Andhra Pradesh Rs. 4.84 / Kwh

Madhya Pradesh Rs. 4.78 / Kwh.

Tariff for Rajasthan will be declared shortly.

RE-PORT hosts Wind Farm sites in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat

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