The Basic Wind Energy Project Report or Wind Energy Power Plant Project Report, Wind Mill Project Report -  essentially contains the details about Project capacity & details, its location, owner’s details etc.

Information is provided by a Seller of the Project as per questionnaire and CECL scrutinizes the details prior to preparing the Report and uploading project details on the RE-PORT portal.

The major points verified are:

  • Owner’s details, credentials contact details etc.
  • Details about the clearances /Mandatory approvals obtained from the State Government concerned department. Evacuation details with at least in principle approval.
  • Type of land, whether it is Private or Government/Revenue or Forest land. Land specific details are checked including permissions & ownership details.
  • Exact address of the location of the land indicating the name of Village, nearest Railway Station and Airport, nearest connecting state/national Highway, including access to the site and are marked on a SOI map.
  • Evacuation details & permissions including Connecting Substation and Voltage level at which the Wind Power Project will be connected,
  • Wind Mast coordinates, either private owned or NIWE/(C-WET) masts nearby.   Certification of the Wind mast by National Institute of Wind Energy(NIWE) formerly known as Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) - if available.
  • Expected yearly energy generation from the project along with likely Capacity Utilization Factor . This is provided by the owner & if available supported by an EYA ( Energy Yield Assessment) by an independent agency. This is not vetted by CECL in the basic report. CECL carries out EYA only in case of Vetted Report.
  • Micro-siting details with co-ordinates (Longitude/Latitude) of proposed Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs).
  • Information about Technical details of WTG proposed with its make. 

Generally the Seller provides all documents relevant to the Project which CECL scrutinizes. CECL has been working as Lenders Independent Engineers (LIE) with the majority of Funding Institutions in India (FI’s). CECL has carried out Due-diligence of Wind Power Projects funded by FI’s and has the expertise to validate project details & rights.  Incase necessary CECL also undertakes a site visit by an engineer to verify the project details.

Based on the information provided by Seller & verified by CECL progress status of the Project is given on the following parameters:

RA: Resource Assessment

NOC: No Objection Certificate

Land: Land Acquisition

PPA: Power Purchase Agreement

PE Study: Power Evacuation Study  

The numbers (0 to 5) are only used to indicate the individual progress/completion status of a particular project component (e.g., RA, NOCs, etc.). In simple terms the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 indicate 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% completion of a project activity, respectively.

This is hosted on the RE-PORT database for interested Investors.

The Basic Wind Power Project Report is provided in pdf format, and can be provided to Buyers on their request through the portal.


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